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In 2014 we have added four beautiful trend collections that will speak to your inner designer:

  • Vit, whose milk-wood elegance celebrates the eternal coming of light.
  • Karisma, conjuring up classic shades of stately grandeur.
  • Eclectic, which reinvents the meaning of retro.
  • Urban, a concrete and stone look designed for city dwellers who like to play it cool and sleek.


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Leoline Super floors are the cream of the crop, offering extremely durable designer floors that feel right at home in the most challenging (and chic) environments. Their premium quality also makes them ideally suited for a wide range of light commercial applications, providing comfort and elegance in spades to the discerning customer who won’t settle for anything less than the absolute best.


  • Ideally suited for heavily trafficked areas (up to class 32)
  • Choice of jumbo-back (extra thick, perfect isolation), textile-back (smoothing effect, extra insulation) or power-back (premium quality, heavy-duty composition)
  • Superior PU finish for improved scratch-resistance and light maintenance
  • Excellent aggregate-enriched slip resistance surface (up to class-leading R11)
  • Backprint and intricately embossed textures for natural look & feel
  • Powerful acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Available with special chip-mix to boost optical effect and tactility (semi-contract quality)
  • Classic and elegant designs that will never fade
  • 15 year warranty (residential), 5 year (contract)



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The Solid range strikes the perfect balance between function and fashion, and explores the the golden mean. Targeting the style-savvy consumer who’s willing to pay a little extra for a design floor that goes a longer way, the versatile Solid collections anticipate the latest trends in residential flooring, supported by strong performance features that can cope with the most demanding circumstances.

  • Equipped with PU-coated* and high-­resistance wearlayer for prolonged and intense use (suitable for light commercial applications, class 22 & 23)
  • R10-rated slip resist with picture-perfect embossing
  • Available with cushioned jumbo-back, ideal for floor heating and offering perfect insulation. Also available with textile back for added resilience and prep-free installation
  • Easy to install, easy to clean, easy to maintain
  • Backprint
  • Water-resistant, dirt-repellent and scratch-proof
  • Solid acoustic and thermal performance
  • 10 year warranty
  • Hip and trendy designs that make a bold statement


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Leoline Smart floors make an informed choice. Combining into one budget-friendly flooring solution, they have style and efficiency to spare, making them the ideal long-term or temporary companion for practical people who want to keep their decor looking fresh. The aerated, low-weight Smart level ensures optimum resilience, effortless quality and a healthy indoor environment in settings that see normal levels of foot traffic. Easy on the discerning eye and wallet, but hardwearing everywhere else, these trendy all-round floors speak volumes about what it means to be sensible and Smart.

  • Tough wearlayer for everyday residential use (class 21, 22 & 23)
  • Available with structural embossing to perfectly replicate that natural look & feel/li>
  • Great thermal conductor and floor heating-friendly
  • Available with added PU protection for easy maintenance routine
  • Effortless DIY installation
  • Water-resistant
  • Available with insulating textile backing for smooth installation and finish over most subfloors
  • Huge selection of timeless designs
  • 5-7 year warranty