Safety Floors

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If there is a high chance that the floor will be slippery, an adapted floor choice must be made. With Isafe safety floors by Itec, you are guaranteed a permanent slip-resistant floor. This technical safety floor meets all international standards that define the slip-resistant nature of a floor (see extensive technical sheet). By choosing Isafe, you will not only be choosing a functional solution, but you will also have a large choice of decorative patterns and colours. Isafe is a commercial floor (Class 34/43 - EN ISO 10874) and has a standard PU treatment for easy cleaning.

Commercial Decorative Floors

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The Concept Ultimate collection offers the largest available selection of commercial decorative flooring solutions. In widths of 2M, 3M and 4M you will find wood patterns, classic and fun colours and several available modern designer variants. Concept is a super-compact quality flooring with a top layer of 0.70mm additionally reinforced by a PU layer that provides the highest possible degree of protection in areas with a lot of traffic. The floor is especially hygienic thanks to the antibacterial sanitec treatment.

Acoustic Floors

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In large commercial applications, the demand is for choices of acoustic materials to promote peace and quiet in buildings. Itec's acoustic qualities will contribute towards achieving this goal. The foamed PVC back offers additional impact sound insulation of up to 20dB. All collections are available in a wide range of colours and patterns for general application in school buildings, rest homes and residential care centres as well as in public and private residential buildings.