Innovating floors, one layer at a time

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Our promise to the planet

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Floors for every challenge

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Enterprising with an eye for the future

What is innovation? To us, it’s about finding smart ways to create better solutions that make life easier.

Indeed: innovation revolves around you.

At our Centre of Excellence, we respond to today’s market needs.

Building on our R&D department’s long-standing expertise and ideas inspired by other sectors, we look beyond the ordinary to find new solutions. However, we also imagine answers to tomorrow’s questions. 

These insights are translated into alternative materials, unique production lines and state-of-the-art techniques to create future-proof floors that put your wellbeing and convenience first.

Layer by layer, we innovate the floors you walk, shop, work, dance and live on every day.

Can you imagine? All that innovation squeezed into just a few millimetres.


How we aim for a sustainable future


At IVC Group, we truly believe in products that are built with the future in mind. That’s why we take the time to pause and reflect on the impact of our entire strategy and operation.

  • Through resource conservation and waste reduction, we minimise the environmental impact of our manufacturing and distribution operations.
  • Our energy-efficient flooring plants are among the leanest and greenest in their class, and to get our products to you, inland waterways are the logical choice.
  • We invest in clean-air technology and cutting-edge manufacturing methods and use as many recycled or renewable materials as possible – think of eco-friendly inks and recycled PVC

One plank, twelve layers, three benefits

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LayRed is a rigid vinyl floor collection: stronger than ever, with a soft feel and silent acoustics, engineered to stand its ground in the most extreme circumstances. Thanks to an integrated underlay, LayRed is the single best product in the market that combines strength, comfort & performance.
A premium floor with a touch of red, that is up for every challenge.


The LayRed collection consists of in-house developed and printed designs, all inspired by wood and stone. Every design has pin-sharp details and minimal repetitions, making sure your floor looks as unique as nature.

Thanks to a layer that protects from scratches and dirt penetration, LayRed is scratch and stain resistant, ensuring the design remains in perfect condition. Its exceptional acoustic performance results in the lowest walking sound and  21 DB Lw / 10DB Llin transmission sound reduction.


LayRed is rigid. Yet the acoustic layer of LayRed provides you that soft and warm feel underfoot. It is resilient and anticipates the body weight, making it softer than rigid alternatives. The softer the surface, the more pleasant it is to walk over.

LayRed is rigid. Yet pleasingly silent. The acoustic layer softens reflective walking sound and dampens transmission sound. No cracking sounds or annoying click-clack noises when walking, the sound absorbing qualities of LayRed are demonstrably better than other rigid vinyl floors.


LayRed is rigid, making it the perfect flooring solution for renovation projects.

Thanks to its non-telegraphing core, LayRed has the ability to bridge gaps and slight unevenness in the subfloor, meaning levelling preparation isn’t needed. It covers any imperfection and prevents telegraphing: so high and low spots won’t show through the surface.

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